Q. How do I sign my child up to Bizzy Bodz?

A. Bizzy Bodz has an online booking system through which all bookings are made. You are required to first to make an Aimy Plus account to make any bookings. You can find the Aimy Plus sign up page link here: Once you have signed up to Aimy Plus you can use it to book at any Bizzy Bodz After Care and Holiday programmes.

Step by step booking instructions can be found in the information to the right


Q. What do I do if I have forgotten my Aimy Plus log in details?

A. If you have forgotten your Aimy Plus log in, you can give our office a call and ask us to reset your password for you. We can also let you know which email you have used as your log in username.

Q. How am I billed?

A. Bills are sent out the week prior to attendance, as invoices are based on bookings. Bills are sent out every Tuesday via Xero and can be paid via Aimyplus/Stripe online, direct debit or eftpos at the programme.


Q. How do I make a week on/week off booking?

A. This option is available, however parents are currently not able to book week on/week off bookings on their own. You are required to make a regular full term booking, then in the comments section of your booking write that you would only like to be booked every second week. You just need to state which week you would like to start from.

Q. Will I be charged if I pick up/drop off outside of my booked hours?

A. Bizzy Bodz has a ten-minute grace period, therefore if you drop off your child ten minutes early or pick them up ten minutes late, you will not be charged. Any early pickups or late drop offs exceeding ten minutes will be charged. Your early/late fee will be an additional amount and will roll over into the next booking period.

Q. Will I be charged if my child is absent?

A. If your child is absent you will be charged for the day. However, if you give us five days’ notice in writing, we will place a half charge on the day/s of absence. If your booking is casual, you will not be charged.


Q. If I am going on holiday do I have to pay for the days that my child will be absent?

A. If you have a permanent booking and you are going to be away, you will be charged. However, if you give us five days’ notice in writing, we will place a half charge on the day/s of absence.

Q. Will I be charged for teacher only days?

A. Yes, you will be charged for teacher only days. Bizzy Bodz often runs full day programmes when there is a teacher only day. These programmes are classed as ‘Special Days’ and become bookable close to the date of the teacher only day. An email will be sent out to parents when and if there is a full day programme coming up.


Q. Will I be charged for public holidays?

A. In line with accepted industry best practice, yes, you will be charged for public holidays that fall within your permanent booking.


Q. How early in advance do I need to make a booking for my child?

A. You can make a booking for your child at any point, as long as the session you are booking for has not started yet. For example if you are wanting to book from 3:00pm – 6:00pm, you will need to make the booking before 2:00pm that day.


Q. How does WINZ OSCAR subsidy work?

If you are applying for an OSCAR Subsidy, we strongly recommend you make your permanent term booking as soon as possible, to ensure all forms are submitted on time. If the required WINZ forms are not submitted in a timely manner, Work and Income may decline your application and you will be liable for payment. For the school holiday period a 25% deposit is required to secure your enrolment, whilst WINZ forms are being processed.