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"What i find best about picking up the children is they usually moan wanting to stay because Grace is providing stimulating activities for them. All a parent wants to know is that the children are happy, safe and being stimulated. Grace is a kind and clever young lady who connects with students really well. I am so thankful for what she does and that i do not have to worry if i am running late because the two children i collect are always enjoying being with her and their other friends in Bizzy Bodz"



"We would like to say that we are very happy with the care that is being provided at Brookby School. During the last 8 years there has been 3 organisations providing before and after school care at Brookby and we have been invloved with all of them. Bizzy Bodz have by far been the best and our boys have never been happier. Thanks for providing this service!"

Dave & Renee


"Awesome staff, great programme, I love that you do homework. Katie also loves coming to the Cockle Bay holiday programme!! I love the work you do & the atmosphere you create with the children."

"Your staff at Bizzy Bodz are fantastic, they are caring and supportive of my child, my child loves attending here in the mornings and afternoons, they are easy to talk to and are very welcoming at all times. I keep my child in Bizzy Bodz Puhinui because of the staff that care for her each day.  I praise them for the support and care they always show throughout each day and can see no improvement they need to make."

"Monique and her staff at Victoria Ave School are so welcoming and accommodating, they go out of their way to make families' lives easier. In general we feel very fortunate to be able to access such high-quality and reliable after school care.  Monique runs the programme so efficiently, and with an enthusiastic attitude that our kids really respond to."

"I wish to acknowledge that your staff are fantastic people, with a wonderful attitude towards our children.  I feel very confident that my girls are in excellent care while with Bizzy Bodz. Your lead staff are worth their weight in gold.  I have really valued the feedback while talking with Anna each day. I appreciate her professionalism and the lovely nature of each of your staff."


"Jack and Holly have used Bizzy Bodz for numerous school holiday breaks, Jack for the last three years. The children enjoy spending time in a comfortable friendly environment with their friends.

The program is well run with a consistency of staff who relate well to the children. The variety of entertainment from sports, bus trips, arts and crafts ensures they always have something different to look forward to."

"My daughter has been attending the Bizzy Bodz School Holiday Programme for the past few years. She thoroughly enjoys the activities that are planned, both on and off site.

These activities are well co-ordinated and well staffed with fun and enjoyment being the key objective. Bizzy Bodz provides a safe environment for the children to develop their skills with activities, such as arts & crafts, team building, baking and sports.

I have always found the staff to be friendly, caring ,co-operative and professional.  I would strongly recommend the Bizzy Bodz Holiday Programme to anyone looking for Holiday care for their children."

"Both my girls have attended a number of Bizzy Bodz School Holiday programmes and love the fact that there is something different and exciting to do each day - no two days are the same.

As a parent I appreciate the well thought out programmes and the professionalism and caring nature of the staff - which is extremely important as one of my children has a food allergy."


"My son Scott (11 years) and daughter Rae (9 years) have attended the Bizzy Bodz School Holiday Programme over the past couple of years.

Having tried a couple of programmes, we found Bizzy Bodz was exactly what every parent would like for their child(ren).  There are a variety of exciting activities, daily for ALL age groups, wonderful caregivers; great opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with old friends.

If you want a fun packed, secure environment for your children, look no further than Bizzy Bodz - you won't be disappointed."

"When my youngest went off to school and I returned part-time to the workforce, it posed a tricky situation about how to manage the kids, work and school holidays.

I was very grateful when I found that the Bizzy Bodz School Holiday Programme was run out of Cockle Bay School, providing my two boys not only with familiar surroundings but fun-filled activities, caring supervisors and a very professionally run programme.

When you're new to school holiday programmes like I was, It can be sometimes difficult to leave your children in the care of others for that length of time, but Jo and the team at Bizzy Bodz made the boys feel welcome, like they gave special attention to their needs and that if anytime I wanted to call in and hear how they were getting on, that that was ok too.

The kids have a great time at the programme, meeting new children, getting to go to fun places they've not been before and are always bringing home baking, art work and dirty clothes, which in my mind is a sign they've had a great day and not missed me at all!!"

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